Link play an important role in ranking the site.

What you need to do is to try to exchange links with sites that have the same level of traffic and a similar theme. However, sending visitors to a competing site with similar content is wrong. Try not to refer to poorly visited, uninformative sites. Always try to share with a few much more visited sites, rather than with a bunch of poorly visited. The first thing we must focus in finding sites to exchange links is to try to take traffic from competitors. Sometimes I use or any other resource that shows what sites are on what are refer.

For example, if Your competitor was You went to Altavista and typed in the search bar (no http://www…) to follow the specified format of the query, you type and initiate the search. Altavista will return a list of all the CAitov from my database that refer to This is the first few sites to which You would like to exchange links, because I know that they’re sending visitors to a competitor’s site, and You want to participate. If these sites link to Your competitor, they are likely to refer to You. Depending on the website topic, the competitor may be hundreds of links, so be prepared that some time Your life will be quite visited. It’s worth it, because You have successfully taken the visitors from a competitor, thanks to the link posted next to his link. Another way to determine the sites with which you exchange links is to visit one of the leading search engines – or . These search engines perform a quality search. In the case this is because all sites are checked by a moderator. In the number and quality of links play an important role in ranking the site. So, You are on or Yahoo.comXia links to your less visited site…

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