The burning topic Top 5 SEO Secrets

1. On the website in the TOP-1 will move no more than 20-50% of users who enter this query

If your site was in the top 1, it does not mean that all users who are looking for something on the request will go to your site – in the best case half, at worst, only 20%. Read more about this here.

2. Top 10 is steeper than the top 9

Sites that are on the 9th place, clicked less than sites located in 10th place. This is due to the fact that, as a rule, by looking at the sites that are on the first places in the issue, then scroll down and pay attention to sites that are on the last place.
cornell university study on users’ eyes activity.

3. Keywords chosen without operators – money down the drain

Many SEO-companies still selected keywords on the basis of service Wordstat excluding operators and the region. According to the service Wordstat trucking service request has a frequency of 6200 hits per month. It seems that this is a good high-frequency query that will result in a lot of users on the site.

If we give the same query in quotes (ie excluding loopback), we see a very different figure – only 232 hits per month. If we give Kiev region, it will appear that shows the frequency will be even less – only 3 hits per month. Read more here.

4. Yandex officially confirmed the imposition of Minusinsk filter

Minusinsk – one of the few filters that 100% can be diagnosed by writing a letter to support from Yandex panel for webmasters. Therefore, if in doubt – ask Plato, do not hesitate!

5. Google has the ability to fast indexing / reindexing pages

If you have a page (s) to be indexed, it makes sense to add it to your Google Webmaster panel as soon as possible. Section Scan → View as Googlebot. Indicates a link to a page, press the “Scan” button. After the scan button appears “Add Index”.

Select the pop-up window, a way to send:

And voila, URL sent for indexing, and will soon be added to the database

All of these tips one way or another, we use in our work. More information on how to promote customer sites. If you are a professional, and these chips you have notchips – share in their comments;)


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