9 Golden rules of how to raise a website to the TOP

To promote your resource should be treated as the most important (after building the website) stage in his life. Because many novice web-masters think that it is only necessary to make the site, everything else “will be added.” And you know that very wrong, after get tired to watch the counter number 1, and then imprinted from entering the admin… Especially acute is the problem of promotion now when you growing every day the number of sites, to getting traffic is easy. And I suggest everyone to try several reliable and tested ways of raising the rating of your resource:

1.Domain name. Register a domain name that is easy to remember. Before you reserve a really good name, check it out and e-mail address for euphony. Is it easy to pronounce? How easy is it to remember? Publish newsletter.

2.Use the e-mail addressAMI visitors, offering them a free newsletter. Free news or newsletter will allow you to be in constant contact with your customers – present and future.

3.Write articles. Write articles and publish them in other mailings. With each new publication, you gain trust and knowledge, to establish itself as an expert in your field.

4.Share links. Put links to similar sites. Create a network of contacts, clients and sellers. Finally come up with its own reward. Announce it publicly, and that needs to be done to get it. Make links to all the sites receiving the reward. Encourage others to link to you through a special “call-with-us-to-win” context. But sometimes it is very difficult to find a webmaster who wants to exchange links with your less visitedth…

5.Signature. The signature is the block of text that is added to the end of each e-mail message sent by your mail system. This is an Internet version of a business card. Always add a signature.

6.Consult. Create an advice column on your website. Free advice is one of the most popular free Internet resources and provides you with the opportunity to demonstrate your competence in your area. As a Supplement to the advice column, create a training centre (class) via e-mail to boost your reputation as an expert. Expand casiotone with potential customers through contact that ensued during class.

7.Provide a free service. One of the best ways to get visitors to return is to offer a free service. When the question about providing such services, consider those for which it is required that you just installed the program and it worked for you.

8.The proposed program of cooperation. Collaborate with other websites offering relationship with the division of revenue or division of income from your partners. Programme of cooperation is a win-win situation. It adds another revenue stream to your business. Develop loyalty programs. Develop customer loyalty by creating an online club for buyers aiming network or any other types of loyalty programs. Offer your loyal customers a free gift or discount coupon in exchange for filling out the registration form. Thus, you will learn who your customers are and be able to better customize your marketing efforts.

9.Wear advertising. Place information about your website on a t-shirt or cap andthe wear your is anywhere. Put your e-mail and web address on bumper stickers, or registration number of your car. And don’t be surprised when people in the store will approach you to talk.

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