5 SEO Tips

1. Continuous updating of content has a positive effect on the promotion of the site

If the site has some content, in addition to adding a new updated regularly available, informing the robots. Ideally, for this use markup: datePublished and dateModified.

Then the search engines will display your site more often, and you will get more traffic.

Alternatively, you can allow users to comment on articles, which also allows the search engines to rank your site better. This applies equally to Yandex and Google. Immediately worth mention that just a change without renewal date of the update does not work =)

And the second point: if the article is total and will be relevant in 10 years (and update it regularly you’re not going), the date it is better not to.

2. Rate naturalness texts help Zipf’s Law

Everyone knows that the texts on the site must not be re-optimize. Many do not believe, but the search engines are able to detect natural texts. One method – check for Zipf’s law, which states that “the second most common use of the word in the text is found naturally in about two times less than the first, the third – three times less than the first, and so on…”

Check your texts, you can here. The higher the resulting number, the more natural your text. We recommend that you focus on the figure of 80%, although many consider the norm and 50%.

3. CNC still affect the promotion of

Ideally, you should use not just chelovekoponyatny URL (address of the link), indicated therein keywords. Until now, it affects the website promotion.

http://1ps.ru/blog/dirs/obzor-sobyitij-2015-goda/ – at can understand what will be discussed in the article;
http://bit.ly/1GQfs53 – incomprehensible URL.

4. Promote your entire site evenly

10% try to get links to home, ideally it should be branded queries (although, in the alternative, can be branded to conduct inquiries and to the page “Company”), 90% of incoming links – to the internal.

Unfortunately, many people still promote only the main page.

5. Advertising competitors can play in your favor

If the page on which there is a link to your site will link to another major theme of your life – it will benefit in promoting.

Agree, cool when on a par with well-known and popular sites such as Ozon, a little-known website mentioned your ukazka.ru. This is not only fun for the owner of the last site, the search engines will consider it too sure. Do not be afraid, promoting your site, simultaneously advertising market sharks, especially if you do a few people know.

All of these tips one way or another, we use in our work. More information on how to promote clients’ sites, read here. If you are a professional, and these chips you have not chips – share in their comments;)

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