Whether you’re hosting contests on your website?

Organization of competitions, as a marketing ploy

If not, you’re missing a great opportunity to attract new visitors and increase the proportion of its presence in the Network, and, consequently, profit. Every day thousands of people connect to the Internet to find some competition and try to win. Why don’t you start to attract these people to your website?

Why the competition?

One could argue that such people come to your website with only one purpose – to win the competition. They come, register and go. Yes, it is, but with occasional competitions they entered your site to your bookmarks, and then it will be of interest not only the player himself but also his family, if they have access to the same computer. In addition, players have their own interests. A brilliant example of this is came to me recently, writing:

“.Must say that is initially I visited your website only in order to participate in the competition, but now I’m going back to it regularly and subscribed to your newsletter. Thank you.”

Thus, the benefits of competition go beyond simply increasing the number of page views. Types of contests Now that you have seen the benefits from holding competitions, the challenge you face is: what type of contest you choose? There are several different kinds of contests, from simple sweepstakes on the list of entered e-mail addresses to serious quizzes, designed for serious work the player. Of course the most simple contests the most popular as they require minimum effort from the participant. Often, to participate in this contest you want to enter in a special form with your name and email address, and that’s enough to win. As for other types you can spend surveys (conducting a prize drawing among respondents, regardless of the correctness of the answer), quizzes, where to win you need to correctly answer a number of questions, guessing riddles, to arrange active games (shooting, catching mice, etc.). What type of contest you choose will determine the amount of time that will have to hold the user on your page competitions. Sponsors and prizes You have decided that the contest is beneficial for you, but where will you get the prizes for your promotions as they are supposed to be valuable? Most likely you will have to pay for the first two or three of the competition. Not to destroy your budget, use an inexpensive but significant prizes, such as certificates of online stores (the same money, but with the right to purchase only in a store – approx. TRANS.), paid services, free magazine subscriptions, or just a check for $ 25. If you keepthe online shop, it is possible that the optimal is distribution of goods (or vouchers) directly from their own store. And, no matter what is the prize – people love to win and receive gifts, and the size and nature powercockpit by the wayside. After several successful contests, you can try to find a sponsor for the subsequent draws. Determine the minimum cost of a sponsorship. It may depend on the competition and type of advertising (and audience) that you can offer the sponsor. On one of our sites, the sponsor gets a link on the first page, a link to the contest page as well as references to a periodic newsletter. The minimum participation cost 30-50 $ depends on traffic that is received by the advertiser (of course, every contest has not one sponsor). Please note that atmuch cheaper than buying ordinary advertising, because for thirty dollars you are unlikely to be able to place an ad in the newsletter with more than 8 thousand subscribers. As you can see, such cooperation could be very profitable for the advertiser, so make sure you include information about this opportunity on the page of drawings and information for advertisers on the website.

Advertising competition

When your competition is working, send information about it to news Agency interested in this kind of information and also specialized sites. There are many sites on which located, and that there are people who spend most of their time in search of contests and trying to win. Don’t forget to mention about the campaign in their own ezine, remind about yourself to the subscribers of the open sheets that you regularly read (if not against the rules sheet) and don’t forget to put a prominent link on the front page of their website. You can also include information about the contest in their signature to increase the volume of attracted audience. If you already have a sponsor, make a small ad to be placed in the newsletter as a sponsor is beneficial to advertise your contest, then your information is likely to be placed in the appropriate newsletter. Sponsoring the contest is not only advertising, but also one of the branding elements, so the advertiser is advisable to send you their visitors, even at the expense of their own short-term benefits.

To attract new subscribers

The competition is a great way to attract new visitors to your website and new subscribers to the newsletter. You can include in the form of the competition the option to subscribe on the app. You can also send participants KonkURSA on the subscription page directly after filling out the form. By the way, is to have a independent newsletter for the contestants, at least in order to keep them informed about new prizes and contests and winners. This newsletter will be a success among the participants as the main source of information about lotteries.

The selection of the winner

Choose the winner from among the correct answers at random and send him/her a standard letter with a description of what, when,where and from which website he/she won. I usually put a mandatory response within seven days after sending me the notification about winning. In the response letter requires the full name, postal address and some information about yourself. If within the prescribed period do not receive any response, then I choose another winner, this has already happened, unfortunately more than once. Try to keep the winners are not repeated. Keep distanciu Along with contests and complaints come from the losers. Do not engage them in lengthy conversation, write a polite reply: “Thank you for participating in our contest. Don’t forget to come by tomorrow to give it another shot”. Remember that you can’t make everyone happy always. Because there are people who spend all their time on the Internet searching for and participation in such contests and competitions, then get ready for “screening” candidates. Sometimes, selecting the winner and sending him the letter I instead of gratitude get dry hasty letter to a compulsive gambler. In this case, put the lock on the postal address and, if possible, to select another winner.You can make many people happy and pleased with the award winners, so why should you waste your time and money for professional players?

To continue or finish?

A good choice would be Zaconsite competition at the end of the month and to wait a few days before the start. During this time, you can prepare, clean up in the url database, set lock and so forth On its website, for example, I am contests with 1st and 25th of each month. So I have 5 days to clean and rest. The contest itself (its structure) is not changed, but the prizes and sponsors every month, so I have a little trouble with the very competition. By the way, in between contests attendance falls slightly, due to the fact that the breaks are small, and the site has other interesting information. Rules and regulations don’t forget that you need a certain set of formal rules, prohibitions and restrictions (age, country of residence, etc.). This will allow you to avoid many unpleasant situations with disgruntled participants. Make sure the rules or a clear link to them is on the front page for the contest. Possit may not be amiss to speak to an experienced lawyer, especially if you play large sums of money or valuable prizes.

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