Internet site promotion: where to start?

You have created a new original project, placed on a good hosting, I checked every page of the site for errors, set the counters, but they day after day only show Your visits and the visits of Your friends and colleagues. What to do? Can’t we do anything? You can!

1. The placement of the description of the site in ezines-related Network. In the event of favorable circumstances a description of Your site will see up to 100 thousand subscribers of these newsletters. When composing email the host distribution should not be limited only to the phrase “Hey, look at my Linok!!” (approx.the author is a real example of one of the letters I received recently). In addition to the website, be sure to include a description of the site is designed to put to the fore the special contents of the site, its zest. The probability that it is in this form will be used by a leading distribution. In case of contact with browse You can recially to from 150 to ….. new visitors in just one day. Don’t do everything in one day, You don’t need an explosion for a day and constant feeding, until other techniques.

2. Registration in catalogs and search engines. This method will provide You with a constant traffic, but this will not happen so quickly. Approximately, this process takes 2-3 months. One should distinguish between directories and search engines. The directory is similar to a phone book in the Network, edited by people who visit the site, edit the description and add a description in the catalog. Search engine is an automatic mechanism based on the analysis of each website’s content and ranking of search results. The people here-editors anymore. When registering in directories, Your main task – to create a proper description of the site, which would objectively reflect the content of the website and contain the various appeals. EgiMER: “the coolest site go here you will not regret!!!!!!!!” When you register Your site in search engines pay attention to specific recommendations to ensure higher positions of Your website. I do not believe that adding keywords and description tags will bring website in first position on all these words.

3. Link exchange with other sites. This method will bring You target audience, but at the same time will require very serious work on selection of sites. Usually links are in 2 places: on the home page (usually bottom), and also on a separate “Links” page. This way You will be able to have the opportunity to propose an exchange of links to different sites depending on the number of visits. It is no secret that you can negotiate with a much larger site on metabolic conditions: You on the home page and they are on the “Links” page. Try to select sites for quality content, not posamenost, a large attendance can be “twisted”.

4. Banner advertising. In the West it’s long past the stage of development of the Internet. To apply banner advertising only makes sense for more or less popular projects. If Your attendance is at the level of 5-10 people a day, the instant the show is unlikely to attract new visitors, you should first try to work without showing ads to create an asset shows. There are 2 classes of networks: General and specialized. The accuracy impact on the potential visitor is provided by the presence of targeting, i.e. the possibility of choosing the categories of sites which will show Your banner. Problem in ad-hoc networks is the burning of banners, ie reducing the impact on attracting visitors. (clickthrough rate – the ratio of the number of clicks on the banner for his impressions). The best choice will be a combination of banners set sharedand and specialized.

5. The signature to the mail message. You should add the address and a brief description of the site in Your signature in E-mail messages. The reception is not as effective as others, but if You regularly participate in discussion leaves, the effect may be more significant.

6. Web-Ring. This kind of link exchange. What I mean is that You post on your website set links such as “Next” “Previous” “5” -“5” which provides the target audience with other sites involved in the ring. Unfortunately, in Runet web-rings practically do not work.

7. Writing your own articles. If Your site is a content project, i.e., it contains information on a particular topic, try to start writing more articles on this subject. Then offer the larger projects to post them, a link to Your website when you publish will be ensured. When sending articles to the editor atsilite file as an attachment, and place the text in the message body. Before article make a small annotation about the content of the article.

8. The opening of its own distribution. Any properly promoted website sooner or later comes to the realization of his own distribution. Try to make the contents of the original distribution, not just the news site. This will help You to create a targeted audience for your site. These methods differ in the degree of efficiency, speed manifestations of results, downtime. But most importantly, they are real for primeneniyu for beginners. Be bold and don’t sit idly by. This article already read and Your competitors

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