The big secret is lots of traffic.

Probably many people think that once their website is made and published, the people on it just have to knock down crowds. “It is unclear” – I think many, – “multiple tens of millions of people, hence any website needs to get at least several hundred visitors daily.” Unfortunately, this judgment is totally wrong and who knows those hundred people who just have to visit your site.

Imagine a small diner near haveem. As long as the cars don’t stop and move out of the way, they don’t see your diner. Every day tens and hundreds of thousands of large and small cars rush by, taking, including, and the hungry people you could feed. And your business suffers constant losses simply because others do not suspect about its existence. In addition, all in such a hurry and always busy, it is hardly nto udaetsya on a random stop. This example is very revealing and I guess you don’t need to explain why this is so.

You can notice the same situation. Every day, tens of millions of people are online, but no one comes to you simply because not aware of your existence. You have not shown anyone the way to your site, not hung up Billboard. What do you expect then?

Mistakenly, many people rely on search engines. Shouldn’t do – they deceive your expectations. Usually only those sites which offer something rare and interesting I can firmly count on the help of search engines, in all other cases, your chances are negligible. Imagine for a moment what will be the impact of the robot on the first place of the index which applies except you a couple of hundreds of your competitors?

Use as a marketing andinstruments of search engines is akin to publishing your phone in the Yellow pages, especially if you and it is limited. Remember the example from the diner up the road, but add to this phone in the popular book – what a lot of visitors increased? Most likely, no. Now pay attention to the potential market, which daily sweeps past. See that you losing on a daily basis!

Of course, should not be neglected by search engines, every self-respecting site should be included in the indices of leading search engines. But we should not hold them too high expectations.

Yes, but now you may ask me: “How to attract visitors to your website, where is he the secret of great traffic?” And I will answer you: “we Need to work very hard!”

Millions of people daily use the Internet and you need to let them know about yourself. Your name, link to your website,your company logo toline constantly flickering in the Network, you must stick them wherever it can reach. Let it be banners, hyperlinks, buttons, mentions, advertorials, ads in popular mailing lists… Yes, anything, if only worked! Importantly, you must be very active!

Tie relationships with other web publishers, make contact with your visitors, open and regularly release a newsletter, offer good, fast and convenient service and other, and other… you Can transfer indefinitely.

Secret large traffic doesn’t exist! There is no one big secret that allows you become rich and famous for five minutes ‘ work. Good marketing consists of a huge number of small stock, small, personal secret, personal qualities of the Manager, market conditions, etc., how well you were able to combine these small things and make a difference between good advertising CAcompany and bad.

New resources in the Internet start from the same position (although, of course, with different support) and it is very important to understand that without the promotion of the resource to the market you will not get any visitor, regardless of is a corporate site or home page.

If you spend four-fifths of his time to the promotion of the site, you will quickly see the results of your labors, you will see how your visitors arrive and feel the only secret is lots of traffic and lots of work.

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