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Repeat the platitude: there is nothing for free, and the Internet even more. All have to pay for free traffic including. Time, work, and still do not understand anything. Another thing is that having knowledge and some experience in this area, costs can be minimized. But still, how to get free traffic to their sites?

Methods of obtaining free traffic a lot. Today, about one of them.

The main source of free traffic on the Internet is search engines. Main search engine is Googlewee the link and click on request under the first number will be taken to a page with the schedule of growing popularity of this request, the phase in which the state interest is in this topic, who publishes on this request, and top dispensing. There is also a list of other popular at this moment requests in descending order.

The information itself is very interesting and gives much food for thought. After some time these trends, you can get an idea of the type of information they are looking for in the search engines and where to find it. Based on these observations, it is possible to stir up a little project under the American traffic. But now not about it.

After analyzing the trends, you can understand that this low-frequency queries with low competition and grab your piece of the traffic here really. Another thing is that interest in the topic lasts a short time and runs forever. How to jump into the passing train? As for the second POPsgive the site with thematic content for this request and inject it into a search engine? There is a solution. For this you can use special software if you have it that allows you to create a bunch of themed digestible content by clicking one button.

Proceed to the traffic. As decided earlier, to take his will from Google – “they have him.” With Google you can get traffic by direct and indirect. Use both. Thus, the direct – drive quickly to the pages in the index of search engines by using free run on sotszakladkah. In addition use the most visited tab services burgonet (the site is already equipped with them) and backfilling services will be in the index very quickly, and this is an indirect way of traffic from Google. Then return to the hot trends, and see who published papers on this the trend – go to these sites, blogs and leave comments there with link to your website. Like: “Hey, found a cool video on the topic (link with the keywords of trend)”. Sites that are in the top hot on demand, visited a bunch of people will give you indirect traffic and reference added.

For faster indexing you can use ping services like this.

An additional source of traffic for popular queries can serve as Twitter – if you have an account with thousands of followers, then many will find your Postica hot on this request and go to the website.

A small correction “into the wind” – you can do all of the above, but the desired effect does not get. Why? The time taken for the output to the top of your website is limited – you can not catch the trend “cool”. To avoid this, you need to use tactics “toovrevoll bombing” and work for the future. For this, you should select not the “hot” request, but a few less popular but on the rise, which tends in a short time “to become hot”, and work with them.

Those who have no such software for the rapid creation of vlogging, having read to here, remember me a bad word – I was ready, and prepared a solution to this problem.

It is not much harder – also click a couple of buttons. This will require a blog on WordPress and the plugin grabber video from You Tube. It is clear that the blog must be in English. Download the plugin and install it. About the installation will not say anything except what is installed the same as any plugin. After the plugin activation in the admin, set up how you like, enter the right keywords are a hot trend – and press the button. Ready – on your blog a bunch of videos on the desired topic (You Tubeмиллионы video under any request). On small tuning posts. So search engines have something to index, complete text video – it can take snippets from the issuance of Google for this request, make them a mess. On the same – social sphere and comments. Automatic ping WordPress already has – just fill in the required settings ping services.

To monetize such traffic in different ways – the first thing that comes to mind is contextual advertising. Since the theme of traffic is very different, it is difficult to find suitable affiliate programs, you can use any, under entertainment traffic.

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