WebMoney Transfer is free for use by all

WebMoney Transfer – the global information system of the transfer of property rights, open (28 November 1998) for free use by all interested persons. The Webmoney Transfer system was created specifically for the Internet, it has a universal flexible structure within which any goods. It provides the opportunity for any Internet user to carry out safe cash calculations in real time. Clients of the system are the Buyers and Sellers of goods and services. On the one hand, WEB-stores, on the other – any Internet user (e.g. You) who are not able or not willing to use traditional payment methods (credit card, etc.) for the duration of the transaction, the low security, or other reasons.

With the help of WebMoney Transfer, you can make instant transactions related to the transfer of property rights to any online goods and services, to create their own web services and network operators, to carry out operations with other participants to produce and maintain their own tools. The use of the Webmoney Transfer system allows You real-time secure payments for goods and services on the Internet, any other transfer (sending, receiving) Your cash for the network. Transactional means in the system are the titular characters WebMoney (WM) of various types, stored on the electronic wallets of their owners: WM-R – equivalent to RUR to R-purses, WM-Z – equivalent USD on Z-purses, to R-purses, WM-E – Euro – E-wallets, WM-C and WM-D – equivalent to USD for credit operations on the C – and D-purses. When transferring the funds used same purses, and the exchange of WM-R WM-Z produces in about bennyh x-point . To Become A Client Of The System You allows Client software – WEBMONEY KEEPER. With this program you can fix a certain amount for settlements, to control the movement of their listed or the funds to You.

Using the program WEBMONEY KEEPER, You can perform instant calculations in WEBMONEY with other clients of the system to transfer WEBMONEY to your Bank account to pay for goods and services in the Network, and to discuss with prospective partners, the terms of trade deals built into the program WEBMONEY KEEPER secure messaging system. You can download it here: – WM Keeper Classic Russian version (1.32 MB ) – WM Keeper Classic Russian version with the ability to use “skins” (1.97 MB ) to the purse WebMoney you can transfer from any Bank (including Sberbank), as well as by postal transfer to the account of one of the official system agents (the transfer amount will be automatically converted to WM and deposited to the specified purse).

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