e-gold prefer to settlement in the West and in Russia Webmoney.

Here you can learn about electronic payment systems that have emerged only because there is the Internet. Now two popular electronic payment system in the network, and the system Web Money popular in Russian-speaking environment, and e-gold prefer to settlement in the West. To get on the net real profit you need to use all payment systems, as is often the sponsor pays in e-gold. But this is not a problem, because now you can exchange e-gold for anything.

Money Bookers

Universal payment system. Allows you to quickly carry out operations on Deposit/withdrawal of funds. The system works similar to e-gold, you don’t need to install any programs, but rather to remember your password. Input/output means You can recharge your account with credit card “VISA” or “MasterCard” kommisiya 3%. The money may check with the kommisiya 3.5%, to webmoney, kommisiya 3.5% on a plastic card. When opertech between accounts inside the system fee is 1% but not more than the amount equivalent to 50 cents , that is, when dealing with sums of more than $ 50, you will have to hold only 50 cents. When you receive you money to your e-mail notification with indication of the correspondent and the amount of funding received.

Account verification

After receiving the account in the MoneyBookers system, you can make payments only to other accounts of the system. In order for you become available the possibility to withdraw money to webmoney and Bank must verify the account. For this you need to send scans of your passport and if you are a resident of the United States or Canada, a driver’s license for showing your numbers in the system. Usually during the day, comes confirmation about the account verification.

Additional opportunities

The possibility of sending a fixed amount in a certain date permanent recipients without your participation. For webmasters the possibility to pay with cards on your sites and much more. There is a one-tier system of referral payments. Moneybookers Ltd pays you 30% of the commissions on the referrals.

e-Gold international Bank in the network.

International payment system at the moment is the most democratic system in the world, you can live in any country and still be a full member of the system.. You can keep your money converted to gold. You can also transfer your money to other e-Gold members and receive payment from companies with which you collaborate, for example, payment for mail.

Until January 1, 2004, operated a Commission of 1% from the payment amount. When maximum of 50 cents, but now a new eminent domain Commission. Commission is now cleared in grams of the metal which the payment is being made. The following table details when payments in gold.

The amount of payment and Commission

0.0004 – 0.1 grams of 5% 0.0002 grams of 0.1 – 0.5 gram 1.25% 0.00375 grams 0.5 – 1 gram 0.01 grams 1 – 5 grams 1% grams to carry out instant calculations in a network the Internet.

The system is open to use for everyone and has no territorial restrictions. There are three types of electronic cash: WMZ, WMR and WME. They correspond to the dollars, rubles and euros respectively. Stored these funds in the wallets of three types: type R, type Z, type E. While the financial calculations between participants are only using the same type of wallets. Wallets stored on the electronic media at any time can be withdrawn from the system. This can be done by post or telegraphic transfer, by Bank transfer to the Bank account and other ways. It is possible to Fund your e-cash. All this is described in detail on the web money transfer.

How to become a member of the system

In order to become a participant of Web Money Transfer, you need to install on your computer client software WM Keeper. This program in a self-extracting installation archive, you can get here . Identification of participants in settlements In the process of installation of the client software party system is assigned a unique 12-digit identifier that is required to run the program and work in the system. Next, the user assigns a password and specifies the location in the computer’s memory to store files with a secret key and purses.

Thus, for subsequent logon, you must specify WM-identifier, password and the location in memory of file with a key and wallets. After installing WM Keeper automatically creates a single Z-purse. Other wallets are created by the participant independently as needed. The wallet number used for the transaction, the member reports partner. The partner can only send Web Money to the purse and has no way to remove them from their wallet to another party.

Security of payments In Web Money Transfer supported set of safety measures to eliminate the possibility of unauthorized access with the tools and information participants. All processes in the system – storage WebMoney on purses, Web Money transfer from one participant to another, sending messages via internal mail, Web Money Transfer is encoded according to the algorithm эквивалентномуRSA, using symmetric keys with a length of 1040 bits.

For each transaction, the system uses unique session details, and attempt to reuse them instantly tracked and suppressed. Web Money Transfer is resistant to disconnection. If one or the other operation did not complete successfully, it is not recognized system. Thus, the party system, observe the rules on security of the WM-identifier, password, and file with the secret keys (this file is best stored on removable media in a secure place), you can be sure in absolute security control of monetary funds in the system.


The technology used in the payment system Web Money Transfer, allows to realize the most simple and easy (compared to peers) the method of calculation. The participants are not required to open a Bank account and report complete information about yourself. The current in the system identification procedure allows to determine and control all ongoing transactions.

The transfer of funds from one participant to another is instantaneous and can be accompanied by sending a text commentary using the built-in system service confidential communications. The inability to payment wallets with a zero balance as the inability to access the funds on the purses without the knowledge of their owners determine the reliability of this technology. Payment of funds held in the accounts of participants, at any moment available for their use and are essentially a digital form of cash, are more protected from losses and theft.

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