E-Gold is an American money.

Payment system E-Gold began its work in 1996. E-Gold is an American electronic money system. Something like WebMoney, but the hallmark of e-Gold is that the monetary units of this system are valuable metals (gold, silver, platinum…) and operate the system only from the browser instead of a special program. That is, the payment system e-gold is a normal website, but with elevated security measures. This system can engage any man in the world.

To register, you do not need to send your passport or any other document. Just sign up and work. After registration You will get ID number of your account. ID You will have to inform the person who want to get money. There is a referral program: for each new member You get a percentage of his transaction. But it is very scanty. For earning real profit your referrals have to rotate hundreds of thousands of dollars. To register in e-gold follow this link . Then click on the “I AGREE” and fill registration form where:

1.Account name – the name of your accountdisplayed in the above grid to write the number that is shown in a field.

2.User Name – the user name (nick) – same as the account name;

3.Further your data: Name full name; Address – mailing address; city where You live; State/Province – the state, write EN; Country/ZIP/Postal Code – country name/postcode E-Mail address e-mail; Phone – phone number; Alternate Passphrase is Your second password, used if you lose the first.

4.New e-gold Account Passphrase Is Your password New e-gold Account Passphrase again – re-enter same password to verify.

5.And finally, You must Enter the sequence of random numbers &lang=ru-EN&format=html

6.Click “Open” and wait some time.


You have opened an account in e-Gold. You on e-mail will receive a letter with the account number that you will use to access the e-Gold. To log in to your account in e-Gold go to this link . It is better add to favorites. In the field “Account Number” enter the number of your account that you have sent by e-mail. In the “Passphrase” enter Your password. And in the “Turing Number” enter the number shown next to the right on the cellular pattern. If You need to transfer money from e-Gold to WebMoney or Vice versa, you can easily do it in exchange offices .

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