What is a “Mobile wallet”?

How to Deposit?

The main way to replenish the balance of “Mobilegallery” serve as points of reception of payments and self-service kiosks of the company “OSMP” (www.osmp.ru), the Commission is absent in this case. Alternatively, the points of payment accounts and payment terminals of the company “E-port” (www.e-port.ru) and payments “CONTACT”, located on the territory of the Russian Federation (the minimum payment – 1000 rubles). Inthis, in Moscow there are nearly 7000 locations where you can replenish the balance of “Mobile wallet”, but, unfortunately, a common list of places of reception of payments does not exist: if the stationary point is still possible to specify the self-service machines for the most part are owned by private entrepreneurs who can change the location of the terminal several times a quarter. For the systematic replenishment of purse you need, or visit the stationary points of reception of payments, or look near home or work terminals “OSMP” or “E-port”. But I must say that the search terminal OSMP was easy: we looked at the company website, the closest machine (he was at Leningrad, etc., D50), and found it in the grocery store, in the side of the building.
And finally, we mentioned a method to replenish the balance via the electronic system WebMoney, YAndCEN Money, MoneyMail, etc., but in this case you pay Commission of 0.5% (for transactions involved the service ROBOXchange www.roboxchange.com).

What are the benefits?

The main advantage of “Mobile wallet” – a Commission-free payment of invoices for communications, Internet and more. The installation and operation of a program is also nothing (or almost nothing) is not worth it. If you don’t like it, you can always delete it without losing anything. The second important advantage – a long list of providers whose services can be paid through a “Mobile wallet”, a full list of them hereXia functions of the program and increases the query cost is proportional to the cost of SMS. Fourth: the “Mobile wallet” related (though using a small percentage of commissions) common monetary systems: WebMoney, Yandex Money,MoneyMail etc.

Fifth: security of transactions is ensured by special encryption and hack-proof even if the information is exchanged through relatively open standard SMS. Access Java Mobile Wallet app, the user can “recovery record”, so nobody except you can use the “purse”. Even if the phone is stolen, your wallet will remain intact. You can safely cancel the operator lost the SIM card, restore the room, insert a new “SIM card” to another device, upload the “Mobile wallet” and when you install choose the “Restore” all data on the phone is restored. Ukraday camera of course so not to return, but the money in the “purse” can and should save.

What are the disadvantages?

The main problem we had to face – GPRS settings. It would seem that here difficult – these settings are already available in most phones, but if not, they can automatically be installed on request customer service operator. But we are not talking about WAP-GPRS settings for Mobile wallet use Internet-GPRS, as if the phone was used as modem to connect your computer to the Internet. Profile Internet-GPRS not installed in all phones – it can often be found in communicators and smartphones, but in conventional tubes, the access point will have to create (automatic install Internet GPRS operators often do not support). Detailed instructions for setting up a new point.PA Internet-GPRS is herenevertheless, why would I in the operator list, albeit in last place, “Chuvashia mobile” uncollectible if I use the services of this network? It would be wiser to give the user the possibility to form a certain pool of providers whose services it uses, and load into the phone it only, not the whole list, which is also growing by leaps and bounds and soon physically will not fit in the program. In the “Mobile wallet” we were told that working on this issue and the next version of the program will take into account the moment.

Still, we think it would be nice to organize some kind of online application that would be instantly notified about the account. In the current version of the program you do not learn about incoming accounts before they go into the program and not update the information (or not view account status via the Internet). If you do not open the app, then you can not be aware of the existence of unpaid bills and clap, for example, turning off a landline. It would be great if you could arrange something like ICQ: blinking icon on the display, you click on it, opens window: “You were billed for services of MGTS in February 2007. Amount: 156 roubles. To pay: Yes / no.” Or “You were billed for utilities. Background information by phone (495) 123-45-67. Amount: RUB 1534,56 to Pay: Yes / no.”. Agree, this is much easier than to receive a receipt in your mailbox.

The last disadvantage does not apply to the cons of “Mobile wallet” is a result of poor harmonization Java. And although the list of supported phones “purse” are present in almost all modern models, sometimes occur. For example, the author of these lines – Motorola SLVR L7. The program is designed so that the soft-buttons involved in the “Back” and “OK” (left and right respectively). But sliver no button “C” (erase last character), because of this in a text string (e.g. “Comments”), you can’t remove typed text, you can only exit and enter the sub-item again. It turned out that the removal of the symbol meets the Asterisk, and a space – Lattice. Unfortunately, this is the feature of Java, and how to do it differently, because each phone has its own features navigation and location of buttons. And yet there is a problem with Java if you are using cMartianov of Windows Mobile – they are written in a special version of “Mobile wallet”, which will soon see the light.


“Mobile wallet” is not a replacement of Bank cards, but rather its complement.Soon we will see a symbiosis of these two services. In the meantime, “toget the fuck” is a good alternative to payments on the accounts of cellular operators, providers of various services and other services. The service program costs almost nothing, but it allows you to operate with money from your cell phone, wherever the user is, at any time of the day. Some flaws it still has, but on the other hand it still only gets up to his feet. I think in six months we will see quite Mature and “untwist” the system with hundreds of thousands of users.

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