What you need to do to raise the rating of the You tube channel.

he problem: a low rating.


a) little likes;

b) little comment.

Why little likes:

1) Forget to put – to be reminded more forcefully. Think of a saying or a few goodbye and says it every time. We need it positively and not tightened to remind about huskies. Something like “Like – help channel long as…” Morgan’s hand with his finger did not work as a reminder.

2) Putting Like uncomfortable on mobile devices or a TV set – to blame YouTube with its design and no silver bullet. Man looking Playlist is that even on the TV and he has no time or opportunity to climb to put Like, overcome your laziness and do not understand, otherwise good channel kirdyk. Not all of your favorite channel at the top.

3) Many viewers do not put huskies basically anywhere, for example just did not find it important, necessary, effective. This can be understood. For similar reasons, many do not go to the polls. – There may be some work unobtrusive but clear request in the form of reminders. It is important to sound briefly and unexpectedly, not at the end or beginning. are scrolled. After possible proanonsirovat following video (useful infa, promise, reliance on the desire to accelerate it). Remind that the likes of the new video will quickly each time. Not enough of this video. Many of the “nelaykayuschih” just did not see it until the end, when they realized something interesting parts will not.

Why little comment:

1) nothing to say. – Rollers interesting, often exhaustive, served efficiently and politically correct: pobombit nothing, “teach” nothing.


1.1) Ask the audience questions: “About that remove the next time, about something or something else?” “How would you explain this phenomenon here?”;

1.2) Ask the riddle – “Who was the first guesses why so – that done.” 1.3) Make voting – the audience likes to feel important;

1.4) Ask for advice – “How do you like this video, what would you have made differently?”;

1.5) picks srachi – “The role of the USSR in that and that’s the”, “Russia against the West,” “Putin against all”, “Praise education today =)” do not hesitate to all this, the main venturing srach subtly and gently. to form more than one camp and did not require your participation in the additional heating.

Remember that each separately – a man and he can put a Like. Each spectator – it is an intellectual and personality, and more inconsiderate lazy. However, all of them together – the crowd. The crowd is always stupider than its individual components. If you want a crowd response, rather than units, it is not necessary to be afraid of crowd control, not units. This is normal. I do not think that the appeal to the conscience and common sense will help. With the crowd to work on reflexes. It’s like a wave-particle duality. And individuals and wave.

Good luck to your channel!

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