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one of the most important affiliate programs today. Experienced major changes, including rebranding. Before this program was known as Sexcashvip and had a fairly large turnover of traffic, but the changes went only benefit, and largely reinforced its status as market leader of the Russian Internet. Affiliate program optimized for adult traffic, but leisure traffic is also good convertase. Personal experience managed to achieve a conversion of 1:16 on quality traffic from social networks, adult content up to 1:10 and apparently you can raise this number. The essence of the program is that drones do not need to send any SMS, you just need to enter the number and it receives the pin code that gives access to the content. This system is very effective and rebilly with such subscriptions drones are up to 50 times. I.e. under perfect RAstock phone the drone is removed up to 50 rebellow for 15-60 rubles(about 40 USD), which is an average of 400 rubles per month with one drone(rebilly 1 every 3 days 10 rebellow per month).

LimonCash партнёрка
Personally conducted an experiment in which suspended draining traffic to the affiliate program, once poured on 1K a day for a month(the average envelope 1:32 during this period). As a result, drones rebellios 10-15 times a day for 3 weeks, and 3-10 times more within 2 months. The test was conducted on a separate account, the services we received with permission(because the 2 account to register forbidden by rules). The average envelope of money to 1k uniques are difficult to obtain because of Reilly climbs long after the drone has passed the sayn on the website, but the error can be estimated that approximately 120$/1k uniques. Details Limoncash • Accepts only normal traffic! The following are prohibited: spam mail, icq spam, forum spam, various fraudulent schemes, deceit subscribers of any kind is not allowed! • Payments are held weekly on Tuesdays, Wednesdays WMR. The minimum payout is 50 RUB. • Courteous support • 15 niche paysites: tube, Dating, video RU content • Limoncash is the market leader in RuNet

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