Top 10 tips to increase earnings on партнерках.

10 tips to increase earnings on affiliate programs, There are a huge number of Affiliate programs and some of them can be a good source of income from Your website without any inconvenience and headaches. No need to invent something new, no need to think about the delivery of the purchased goods, no need to spend money on processing orders. Every month, you just get a check doing absolutely nothing. Sounds simple. But affiliate programs a lot: how to make the right choice? How to distinguish a good program from a simple sell? This article contains 10 tips to choosing good affiliate programs, tested by me in practice.

Tip 1

Make sure that the Affiliate program provides timely reports. I mean, You should be able at any time to check the number of referrals and the amount of earnings from this Program. Letters with the text “You have earned xxx “, sent every month, clearly not enough.

Tip 2

Choose a programme that does not require initial costs. You are attracted to earn money, not spend it. Follow the rule “You for the Program, not the Program for You.” Therefore, if You are the initial costs, stay away from a company a mile away.

Tip 3

Make sure that the Program that sells products or services that people will buy or use. This may sound too obvious, but there are many companies which want to sell is obviously uninteresting for the buyer of the goods. Do not think that, if the Internet has a huge audience, any bad product can be sold. Ask yourself: is the product good, what I might want to buy it? Be objective. If the answer is no, then see if You can find someone who will be at least a little interested in this product? If You answered both questions “no”, it is possible that the program is not so good to participate in it. (This does not mean that You have to remember all your friends – just think for someone can be this product interesting and acceptable for the price)

Tip 4

Does the Program respect? You will associate your name with the selected Program. If the owners of the Program use questionable methods such as spam, avoid the opportunity as a Scam. What other people say about them? As many sites involved in this Program? The best recommendation is the thoughts of the people satisfied with the product or participation in the Program. If this information is not available on their website, email them with a request to provide feedback of other people. If they trustworthy, You will receive this information.

Tip 5

Check the terms of Your remuneration. For what You will pay: per click or per sale? Are there other incentives? I prefer payments for sale, as well as clicks easily wound dishonest webmasters, and they often are revised downward by maemopad. The payment for sale it is impossible to cheat and it gives a more stable source of income.

Tip 6

Will the program divert visitors from Your site? The best programs will allow You to keep visitors on Your site, not take them away from You, or even help to attract visitors to Your website. I’ve seen a few programs that clicking the link the visitor could not come back, even trying to press the “Back” button. I also avoid programs such as plagiarism! If the product itself competitive, then there is no need for such tactics. Some programs give You your own website and visitors will remain “yours”, while others allow You to add links, search forms on Your website that it acquires additional value in the eyes of the visitor and allows you to keep visitors on the website without constant “loss” of visitors. A good program will encourage visitors to return visitors and not to make a comeback impossible.

Tip 7

Believe me, all the conditions of participation in the program. What is the minimum payment? Is there a maximum? What will happen if the amount of earnings will not reach the minimum of whether it will be lost or will move to the next pay period? Are there any exceptions for specific countries? It’s not always clearly marked – sometimes after check it appears that You are unable to participate in it because You do not live in the United States. So much has been said about the World Wide Web, but many excellent programs are available only in the United States, and is not intended for the global market.

Tip 8

Get used to the constant monitoring of Your participation in the programs. Each program will have different data for participation in them such as Name, Password, the HTML code for the links that You will need to check statistics, create links, etc. If You participate in multiple programs, the search for all necessary information can be a constant headache until everything is in one place. I started without it, but now all the information about affiliate programs in which I participate is in the same spreadsheet. It is really helpful. Repeatedly pressing the mouse I can now get all the latest information on income and participation in particular programs.

Tip 9

Promotion, Promotion, Promotion! You will not get a big income if you don’t take any effort. Advertise a separate program the way You would advertise Your website. For many programs in which I participated, I created separate sites that I unraveled themselves, and linked them to my main website. I can track the number of visitors coming to my site from search engines, links on other sites, as well as the number of visitors switched to the affiliate site with my main and the efficiency of specific ways of promotion. Create links to Your other sites in the “Affiliate website” and soon unidirectionally influx of visitors instead of their “losses”

Tip 10

Use “Redirect-page” and not direct links to the Program using their HTML code. Long links look less professional, the reference to the files within Your site that forward the visitor to the website for a particular program. It will also facilitate the creation of links to this program on Your site since You don’t need to remember the location of the source HTML-кода.

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