The passage of sponsorship registrations.

Preparing All the earnings is to go through a paid sponsor of registration at the various companies of merchants, but rather you will loginetas the sponsor, open a page where you offer (paid) registration and simply register them (about how to fill out a registration form here). Now consider how to pass the register so they count.

For the transmission of registrations

Pay attention to your browser settings. Must be enabled SSL protocols, accepted, drawings, Java, and Cookies. The security level must be above average. Failure to follow these rules will lead to the fact that Your check will almost certainly not be counted. Another important point – many English-speaking sponsors verify the language settings of Your browser. As they learn or change? To do this, in Internet Explorer, select menu “tools”, “Internet options…” and click “Languages…” – should be set to “English (US)” [en-us] (not “Russian” [EN]).

How to perform the job?

The main thing – not to rush. Wait for themselves banners from sponsors. Be sure to wait for complete loading of all opening clicks of pages (until the message “Ready” in the bottom status bar of Your browser). Never register simultaneously in more than one program. If possible, do not use proxies, because confirmation is made by calling 1×1 image over HTTPS, and not all proxies with this Protocol work fine. If the connection is dial-up connections to continue registration after recovery almost always useless. Logintes the registered sponsor and re-register for new. The filling out of forms Fill the form correctly, especially if You have a problem with English, sometimes very difficult…

Username or name for your mailbox, I recommend you take the following form. If we accept that man’s name is Dima Ivanov, model box thus:
ivanodim@mail.som or ivandima@почта.com or dimaivano@mail.сом or

Try to take combinations such that there is no need to add the numbers. At least add one digit, for example dimivanov5@почта.com. Be sure the name of the box must be written in small letters. The principle of registration what is registration difficult? The principle of passing almost all registrations the same: Once on the website of the merchant you just look for the link type, Join Now, Sign Up, Register, New Member, etc. the link you (often) get to the registration form and, with help from RoboForm or similar software easily fill.

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