Sold the shares of Yandex , how did this happen?

Probably all very aware that I was doing the purchase of shares of Russian campaign and even wrote about it repeatedly. And I talked about the fact that you need to buy the shares of Yandex. So. I bought shares of Yandex, but 4 days ago they all sold.

Explain the reason for all this:

Yandex for several years does not pay dividends on its shares. Volozh is explained by the fact that Yandex has room to grow and he spends money on development. You know I have long and eagerly believed it. But last week I got sick. In fact the holders of shares of Yandex are the owners of Yandex. So what the fuck is the money from Yandex XS where go?! Why aren’t more investors see this money?

All these stories about how Yandex develops and invests nothing short of blasphemy. That Gazprom is not investing? Or LUKOIL? All put money why they pay stable dividends. For this reason, I dumped the shares of Yandex. This is what a closed office, where big money, but the shareholders are not available. I don’t want to be an investor of Yandex.

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