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The features work in Sape Exchange links many points deserve special attention, as they may change at times your income

Use the links Sape Exchange (SAPA) made possible the purchase and sale of links placed on the main and sub-pages of the site. The system provides additional benefits as optimizers and web masters. Today, due to lower efficiency of website promotion through its registration in the directories is not so popular method. In most cases, such a method not only unwinds resource, but rather puts it into the lower position. The main reasons for this are:

– The reluctance of search engines to work with the trash directories, because the latter give the results are often inconsistent with the request;

– Due to the fact that the most well-known domestic search engines seek to maximize profits from the promotion website to owners of resources has become a matter of replacing the old with new advertising techniques –
more productive. The way out of this situation was the context advertising.

Links to sub-pages of the resource has become an alternative, equally effective method of promotion, which also reduces its cost.

The indisputable advantage of exchange links Sape are:

Easy to work with it for web masters: a lot of time and effort is not engaged in the project setting, which will then be automatically run solely on him.

security guarantees for the owners of the resource, the exclusion of the possibility of introducing the virus code to the site.

Confidentiality. Only the owner of the site has the right to approve the link placement.

The ability to save money optimizers (link to internal pages are much cheaper than those from the major) and earnings for webmasters (selling links from the pages of the first level is not also promises good dividends).

The principle of indexation of the website is designed in such a way that the system determines the page intended for selling links, so there is no need for routine work.

Choice of manual or automatic operation. The latter, by the hand characterized by the fact that the consideration of applications for placement of links –
System task. In this case the resource owner has the right to block the links, the content of which is not acceptable.

The absolute confidence of the customer in the search engine indexing of links, as well as giving him the opportunity at its own discretion to refuse to work with the sites, links to which are displayed regularly.

One feature of the system is the ability to select between various modes of references purchases. Manual operation involves the selection of sites and the administration of applications without the help of automated technologies. Semi-automatic machine takes over the function of transfer requests that are made by hand. It is also possible complete automation of the process, when the customer needs to once set filters, specify the reference texts and the time to update your account.

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