Is it difficult to sell goods and services through the Internet?

Today, thanks to the existence of highly qualified specialists, ready-made solutions and the emergence of new technologies create an electronic store at least some complexity is a problem to be solved.

One of the current ways of introduction of e-commerce is the use of electronic trading platforms.

Electronic trading platform is a platform on the Internet, where a huge number of customers and vendors carries out transactions in real-time. With the help of electronic trading platforms as real to sell goods to customers the latest, if the decision is supported by the system. An example of such a site is In the implementation of e-commerce by means of such a platform is preferable to take the following steps:

  • Selection of competitive goods and services for sale through the Internet;
  • Create e-shop;
  • Create an electronic catalog of goods and services;
  • The choice of payment methods;
  • Conduct an advertising company online store.

The choice of competitive goods and services for sale on the Internet

Although some types of goods easier to sell through conventional marketing terms, can be an example of clothing or footwear;
Contrary to popular belief, most goods and services sold over the Internet fast. These products are: electronics, books, gifts and souvenirs, flowers, cards, home goods, perfumes and cosmetics, etc. In fact, the Internet can sell virtually anything. Your success is more dependent on your selected section of the market, product presentation and marketing experience. Therefore, if you have already sold the goods or services through conventional marketing channels, you should be no doubt in their sales over the Internet.

Creating a storefront

You can create an e-commerce site, or on their own hiring useful specialists, such as programmers, or entrust it to the company in design and development of sites. In both cases, you should be prepared to spend a large sum. Website e-commerce –
this is a very broad concept. Depending on your needs, it can cost you from $ 200 to the amount of more than a million dollars. But that’s not all: You also have to be willing to squander it tremendous amount of time. Writing technical specifications, selection of an appropriate design for your site and the development of appropriate content will take quite a long time. And there is no certainty that you will do it right.
Therefore, if you want to get elektronnyymagazin for a minimal amount and for a short period of time, then you can find one of the existing network of services for the provision of electronic stores, examples of which are trading platforms described above. The advantages of the use of such services are:

  • to spend on creating e-shop is small;
  • Store design can be found in the finished versions;
  • Filling of store merchandise and content produced using a simple editor that does not require special skills.

E-shop can be up and running in 1-2 days.

The creation of the electronic catalog of goods and services

If you do come true, only one or a couple of products and do not often add products or services, you do not need an electronic catalog. However, if you have a range of more than a dozen products and you constantly add or change products, you should consider the possibility of creating a storefront with integrated electronic catalog management system. This storefront property allows briskly to develop and maintain your electronic catalog without spending large sums of money to compile their own directory.

Seek supplier of electronic shopping service, which offers a form-master or a method of adding the goods made in the filling of forms and uses a standard reference products. Later, if you decide to sell products through an electronic platform, it enables you to easily integrate your products into the electronic platform and optimize the process of issuing a sell order.

Selection of payment methods
There is a series of payment methods when selling through e-shop in Russia. The most common method of payment on delivery is in fact trafficking. But due to the rapid growth in popularity of credit cards, as well as protected, which acquire both seller and buyer using them, as well as throughout the developed world, in Russia, this method of payment is also becoming more popular. Other common payment schemes are: bank transfers, Yandex-money, WebMoney.
If you have created an e-commerce site using the services of one of the suppliers of electronic stores, make sure that they support all of the above payment methods including credit cards.
Conducting advertising company e-shop

Web Site Promotion primarily refers to attracting visitors. There are various methods of promotion of sites on the web, among which the following should be highlighted:

Submit your site to search engines:, etc. It is necessary to correctly choose the keywords that the search Visitors can easily find you.

Writing down information about your site to various online directories. It can be as the aforementioned search engines have directories, and industry and geographic directory.

Subscribe by email. When sending an email, make sure that the delivery is done precisely those locations that have agreed to receive the newsletter on your topic.

Link Exchange. The growth of the number of backlinks to your site will ensure the arrival of new visitors.

Banner and text ads. Despite the fact that the effectiveness of banner advertising plummeted in recent years, however, properly designed banner placed in the right place can bring you a whole legion of new customers.

In the process of promoting your site, you should combine as many traditional and network marketing methods.

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