Playground as a variant of the Department of Commerce.

Playground as a variant of the Department of Commerce. Let us consider in detail what it is like to work with it, and what demands it is advisable to comply with to become successful and hassle-free seller.

By itself, the marketplace does not seem to be the online store. Its function is the timely delivery of your (not only) digital product to the buyer. The submission mechanism is quite simple: once the buyer’s money be credited to your personal account in the system, the customer is immediately given a link to download the product. That is, seems to be a mediator.

Does it worth it? I think, Yes. You may not have your website online and your goods will be positioned and sold, you will gain the profit as sales. The Commission system is up to 10% of the cost of goods sold, which is quite acceptable, considering the fact that you don’t spend any pennies on their progress. You don’t need to pay for domain name, no need to pay for hosting, spend a lot of my time learning new web technologies and techniques of Internet marketing.

How to become a seller on The system is very simple. To begin, open the account in the payment system Trading platform does not force upon receipt of additional certificates in WebMoney, you yourself will come to this, but this will tell a little later. So, registering in the payment system, proceed to registration on the trading floor. Make it simple by selecting on the front page in navigation menu “register =WebMoney. Used three types of accounts: WMR – Russian rubles WMZ US dollars WME euros.

Login (login name) you fantasize themselves, but the password to login to his area in the system is created and assigned to you automatically and sent by e-mail. Interface in the system intuitively obvious, has a lot of tips, therefore, to deal with it can even far from business people. This marketplace is highly attractive.

After finishing the registration process, you can almost immediately begin the distribution of their goods to sell. This is done very easily. Once logged into your account, choose the menu “products” button on the “add new item” and follow the instructions. You however already have something to sell? Let’s in a nutshell, on both the goods and the rules to them. On the trading platform you can place any product, otnosyaschiesya the category of digital. As such there may be electronic books (author or forbidden for resale), scripts, programs, PIN-codes. Category of goods depends only on your possibilities.

You cannot sell a variety of passwords, stolen programs, goods, copyright infringement, and malware (viruses) and products that are contrary to applicable law. If in doubt, re-read the “copyright Law” more carefully and the question will remove itself.

To start trading platform you personally allocates 50 MB of disk space is free. You can upload your digital goods until you have exhausted this limit. This is plenty of volume “territory”. For example, if you place to selling e-books, they can easily fit up to 150-200 pieces is a lot. Files with PIN codes at all have a size of several kilobytes. If the limit is 50 MB you seems too small, for $ 1 per month you can take an optional 100 MB. There is a limit on the file upload size to 2 MB. If you want this limit to delete and upload larger files, you will have to get hold of additional disk space, and the question will be removed.

When placing an item, you need to specify some of its parameters. Mandatory to fill all fields, marked with an asterisk.

The options include product type, it can be “unique” or “universal”. “Unique” is such a product that will be sold only 1 time (PIN-code, for example), and “universal” – a product that will be sold unlimited number of times (e-book). The number of sales you can artificially limit, the interface system has a separate count.

Also, the parameters of the product include its name and description. Try not to make mistakes in the name of the product and its description to make it easier for a possible buyer to the person it was clear that he buys. To describe your digital product, you will not be constrained by limiting the number of inserted symbols, so do not hesitate to tell about the product as much as possible the true information, to describe all its advantages and disadvantages.

On this page, you can fix regular price of the product (in dollars), to allow the sale of goods on credit. In this case, you intentionally can specify a different (reasonable) price of the goods and repayment of the loan by the buyer. There you can indicate the possibility of implementing the product at a discount, discounts are given by you in the settings interfaced yourself. Additionally, you may set the amount of remuneration (in percentage) to those who participated in the sale of your product (Agency fee).

When all these procedures are completed, the system will redirect you to the download page of the product. There is also all just. With the button “Browse” specify a file on your hard drive that you want to upload and click “upload.” You will be able to visually trace the boot process and to control the available space for your goods.

If your item was sold, you will receive an automatic email from the system the fact of the sale. Funds received can be seen in the interface and clicking in the menu “accounting”. Restrictions on withdrawals in the system no, but send them to yourself only after 72 hours from the date of sale.

To your products are better sold, and the buyers trust you as a seller only growing, you better get a WebMoney “personal certificate”. This “gesture of goodwill” you’ll tell customers about your net intentions, and the arising confusion with this your status are resolved quickly and painlessly.

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