How to estimate the cost of a domain

Those who do their business on the Internet or simply eager to discover the site for himself and not for the purpose of money, this article will be a faithful companion for that would determine how to purchase a domain and do not overpay.

On the Internet there are many different services that assess the cost of domains. But in practice they are totally useless, because the results are sometimes totally inadequate and inconsistent with the reality that, by the way, even beginners significantly, not to mention the advanced user! Naturally such services gain notoriety and reputation irrevocably lost, but there will always be people who trust “services specially created for the evaluation of the cost of the domain.” remember a few constituents due to which, you can really appreciate the value of the domain order that would not get hooked on such scams.

1) sales statistics defined area;
2) a set of standard tools;
3) their own experience;
4) analysis of the subject matter;
5) analysis of the recall, easy dialing, etc.

As for the experience, then of course it will come with time and you need the time to earn it. If we talk about the statistics of sales, the main factors here are: the results of auctions Russian registrars and compilation of statistics for international zones (as well as Russia). But again, you need to understand with regard to auctions, not all the information is correct. For example, some companies conducting auctions just simply wind the price because of its “mishandled Cossack woman.” Trust longer open auction, where the probability of overpaying reduced.

It is also necessary to analyze the domain employment in other areas. For example, through add links affiliate program you can do it in 54 ex zones. But then again, not every domain with high employment in other areas – will be valuable. For example, the phrase in the English language difficult at times have a big-time – but Russian Internet has not yet carry great value. You can also use the standard statistics Yandex or Rambler requests. Use Statistics exact entry through Google, making a request to the brackets, for example, «domen forum» = 14200

One of the most important factors in choosing a domain is memorability and ease of set. The shorter the domain name – the better, and the same applies to the short English-language words, it is best to use a 2-3-4-letter, but hyphens and numbers reduce the cost of the domain.

So consider all the nuances, not too lazy to check the statistics from the various forums and auctions, make the right choice!

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