Добываем уникальные картинки для сайта

The main wealth of each site – without a doubt is its content, ie content. Number of visitors puzomerki site in search engines, etc. – It is only the investigation of quality content on the site. Only the unique and interesting articles with quality images can attract the most visitors to the site and provide a leading position in the search engines.

For website owners to copy content (articles and images in particular) – a criminal activity which can easily lead to a lowering position of the site, the imposition of filters and pessimizatsii. Search engines are easy to define the uniqueness of the image, even if you make any changes to them. On checking the uniqueness of the texts, even can not speak, because for example at Yandex algorithm is laid out so that even able to determine the uniqueness of the semantic content stati.Odnako that’s not all the problems that may face webmaster steal images. The recent increase in threats by the site owners first-hand images. For one to steal the picture, they often require around 10 thousand. Rubles, or are threatening to go to court. Of course, chances are that you have to pay this money is small, because they still need to win the court and prove that you stole them. But the fact that discourages and do not want to copy images.
However, there are places where it would be easy to pick up a unique image. Let’s look at all the ways how to obtain unique images.

Legal free and paid methods

By legal means, I mean – and photostocks photobanks. There are both paid and free. By the way, do not be afraid toll since board there is quite small. Good and unique photos are worth much more than they ask for.

Free photostocks:

Pay photostocks:

Unfortunately, for the opportunity to obtain unique images will have to pay a lot of money. For example, monthly subscription allows you to download up to 25 images per day with shutterstock will cost at least 199 euros. In my opinion for the average statistical webmaster is quite a lot of money for getting a maximum 750 images. The question is not even that one picture will cost about 15 rubles, and that the webmaster does not need so many images for such a small amount of time.

But in exchange you get a really high-quality photos, which were made by professionals. These services are most popular, but there are cheaper analogues. However, the guarantee that the picture will be unique no.

On Etxt Exchange there was a section where you can buy unique pictures. In my opinion it is very convenient, because in many cases it is cheaper. After buying a picture occurs only when you need it.

Illegal sources of pictures or photos of other people’s ways unikalizatsii

Not everyone is ready to pay for the pictures, and there is nothing surprising. You can use not the most lawful and moral ways.

Let’s look at them:

1. Free photos from video

A huge source images – various video. It takes only cut the picture from the video frame, and then edit it.

There are several ways to do this:
Method 1: Use the opportunities offered to us Windows. You only need to run the player in full screen mode.

Next, you need to find a suitable frame and stop the preview. Now all that’s left to do – press Print Screen, and paste the copied image into the editor and optimize.

Method 2: Find and download Image Grabber II or Lightshot. With its help, you can make the appropriate screenshots without much difficulty.

Again, you need to start watching and stop it on a suitable frame. However, there is an obstacle – need to download the video to your computer. The program supports a variety of video formats.

You can not download the video to your computer, and look for it in youtube where users from around the world place their videos or other popular video hosting.

2. Unikalizatsiya photos in all possible ways

There is absolutely illegal and infringing manner. This is a standard search for a desired image in a search engine, and it unikalizatsiya. There are several ways:

Reflection Horizontal
Turn a few degrees
Add text, watermark, borders.
The combination of 2 or more images in one photo
This method does not always work to achieve unikalizatsii pictures and a greater likelihood that the filters of search engines determine that the picture is fake. Besides, the PS algorithms are constantly being improved and upgraded, so unikalizatsii methods have no prospects in the future.

3. Pictures of the social networks

There is a way to achieve a truly unique images – a social network. Many people post their drawings and pictures to their albums, which are closed for indexing by search engines but are available to users of social networks. Therefore liked the pictures can be copied directly from Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki. Of course, there is a risk that the author has ever, or will know about it and it will push you to claim, but the probability of this is very small.

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